Let the Roma stay!

Thousands of Roma families are facing a new Windrush situation, even where they have been living in the UK for decades. Most Roma children and young people have been born and educated here. Very many of the estimated 300,000 Romani people living and working in this country still have to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS).

Their deadline to obtain UK immigration status is 30 June 2021. 

If the Roma people do not register before the deadline they will face the hostile immigration system.

Getting UK settled status or citizenship in the past has been difficult and expensive, with detailed documentation required which many people don’t have. Lots of Roma have been given temporary pre-settled status without being properly informed that this would need to be changed after the Brexit deadline. They could be living with a precarious immigration status for many years and must acquire settled status later.

A Roma emergency fund has been started to support EU passport holders secure their right to remain in this country. Funding has been raised for the best legal specialists to help Roma with free advice and assistance

Time is short and these legal representatives and charities have promised to work flat out, also making late applications where necessary after the deadline.  The advisors will also give pro bono/free legal assistance to Romani people with settled status, who want to become British because the UK is their home and they want the protections that come with citizenship. Roma people have migrated to the UK in response to systemic discrimination and racist attacks. After a thousand-year history of slavery, persecution, and prejudice, the Roma now face multiple, harsh disadvantage in East European countries where the far right is on the rise.
Don’t let them be sent back! 

 Settled.org.uk charity has Helpines in all European languages including:
07511 214678 (Slovak/Czech), 07511 214684 (Bulgarian), 07511 214707 (Polish) 07511 214698 (Romanian).There is also an answerphone at busy times for advisors to get back to you when you leave a message. 

A specialist solicitor expert in helping EU citizens and especially Roma pro bono/ free with both settled status and UK citizenship is Seraphus.co.uk
0208 8142 8211 or 0044 7538 208 096

The charity  hereforgoodlaw.org has helplines run by qualified immigration lawyers who are giving their work for free. 0207 014 2155: Monday 9.30-11.30, Wednesday 11.30- 1.30, Friday 1.30-3.30 (London and South based). 0115 964 4112 Tuesday 9am-11am, Thursday 3pm-5pm (Midlands and North).

For more information contact AMANDA SEBESTYEN e-mail: amseb@blueyonder.co.uk

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