A German Court Has Recognised Not All EU Countries Are Safe For Refugees

The ruling is significant, as it shakes up some of how asylum processing happens in the EU.

Under perhaps one of the more well-known EU migration laws, the Dublin regulation, member states are allowed to send people back to the first EU country they were registered in. It’s a complicated process, and not without criticism. Asylum seekers and their advocates don’t like it because it denies agency to an asylum seeker who in theory has the right to claim asylum in the country of their choice (or, more specifically, is not obliged to do so in the first “safe” country they land in). “Frontline” states on the EU border such as Italy, Greece and Hungary don’t like the regulation either, because it unfairly places the burden for humanitarian accommodation on them, while Northern member states can admit people as and when they want to.

….Germany previously suspended its participation in the process during the political crisis around migration to Europe in 2015 and 2016, at a time when around a million refugees made their way to Germany. The regulation has since come back however, and continues to cause confusion and misery for many refugees.

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