‘Britain is bullying us’: Gurkha hunger strike protest enters fifth day

A group of Gurkhas who are on hunger strike outside Downing Street has told LBC they received less pension money for their sacrifice than service dogs.

The demonstration, which has entered its fifth day, is hoping to pressure the UK Government into reviewing their army pensions so they are on a level footing with their British counterparts.

According to the Support Our Gurkhas website, the campaigners are demanding equal pensions for Gurkhas who retired prior to 1997 and are not eligible for a full UK Armed Forces pension.

Veteran Dhan Gurung told LBC: “Our Gurkha ancestors fought and gave their lives, blood, tears and sweat in order to save Great Britain and the Crown.

“But now, three of us are sacrificing our lives in order to get equal rights.

“That is our fight.”

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