‘No thank you, prime minister’: Lorry drivers decline Boris Johnson’s Christmas visa offer

Boris Johnson
’s proposed three-month working visa for European truckers is not proving a popular prospect for some European lorry drivers.

On Sunday the government announced a plan to issue temporary visas for 5,000 foreign truck drivers as a response to the acute shortfall of truck drivers that has caused fuel pumps to run dry and massive queues at forecourts across the country.

However the visa only lasts until 24 December, which Jakub Pajka – a Polish truck driver who quit his job in the UK after Brexit – said was not long enough to be worthwhile.

Speaking from behind the wheel of his red lorry in Poland’s capital Warsaw, he said: “No thank you, Mr Prime Minister, I will not take advantage of this opportunity. No drivers want to move for only three months just to make it easier for the British to organise their holidays.”

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