France shoots migrants trying to reach Britain from beach of Dunkirk

French police have been accused of firing rubber bullets at migrants attempting to cross the English Channel. 

It would be the first known case of gun tactics being used against migrants making the journey and comes amid a dramatic escalation in illegal crossings. 

The number of people who have made the journey in small boats this year has doubled the total for all of 2020 – with more than three months left of 2021.

One migrant who recounted the shooting, which allegedly took place on September 22, described his friend being shot at “point blank range”.

“When the police saw us, they shouted stop, We stopped and they still shot us. Then we ran away as best we could,” he told the Daily Mail. 

Two Iranian Kurds were hospitalised by their injuries. One man, who suffered a fractured leg, remains in Dunkirk Central Hospital. The other is now being treated as an outpatient for a broken hand. 

The pair were unwilling to speak for fear of reprisals, according to reports. 

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