Britain begs undocumented migrants to become lorry drivers

Critics said the scramble for HGV drivers was the latest example of the government’s “staggering incompetence”.

Undocumented migrants with HGV licenses have been sent official government letters begging them to help ease the fuel crisis – despite having no official right to work in Britain.

People who overstayed their visas have now been told their “valuable skills and experience have never been more needed than they are now” – and asked to “consider returning” to drive lorries, The Independent reported.

The letters, sent by the Department for Transport, were part of a mass mailout to ambulance drivers and paramedics to bail Britain out of its ballooning fuel crisis.

Officials said the letters had been sent by accident – prompting critics to accuse ministers of “staggering incompetence”.

It comes after the Road Haulage Association asked the government to allow more European drivers into the UK after thousands left the country because of Brexit and the Covid pandemic.

‘Slave labour’

The newspaper spoke to one Indian man who has been living in the UK since 2008 but became undocumented in 2017 because he could not afford the costs of extending his visa. 

He has been repeatedly refused a visa by the Home Office and told to return to India to reapply, despite him fearing harm from his wife’s family due to an inter-caste marriage.

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