Far-right groups in UK target hotels housing Afghan refugees

The evacuation of thousands of Afghan refugees to the UK after Kabul fell to the Taliban has triggered an increase in far-right groups targeting hotels where they are being accommodated, according to those monitoring the activities of extremist groups.

Britain First is one of the most prominent organisations involved and, according to its own website, has made more than a dozen unsolicited visits in recent weeks to hotels housing Afghan refugees in areas including Telford, Stoke-on-Trent and Colchester.

Hope Not Hate, the charity which monitors the activities of the far right, says the resettlement schemes for Afhans have became a focal point for many of these groups. It says the arrival of the refugees has led to the far right “reviving, and refining, similar attacks used during the Syria crisis”.

The charity says the far right is using Islamophobic narratives such as the “Muslim takeover of Europe”, framing refugees as potential terrorists or sexual predators.

Britain First and For Britain, another far-right political party, claim to be concerned about the cost of the resettlement
 of Afghan refugees to UK taxpayers. For Britain has focused on claiming the new migration will increase unemployment among British workers.

Patriotic Alternative, a white nationalist political group, is promoting a “Write to your MP” action for its followers, to protest about the resettlement of Afghans in the UK. They have also done a series of banner drops with the words “We Will Not Be Replaced”, including one in the constituency of the home secretary, Priti Patel.

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