Black AIG trainee will get payout after victim of ‘unconscious bias’

A black finance worker has sued City giant AIG after her boss dismissed her complaint she was the victim of ‘unconscious bias’, saying it did not exist in her team.

Investment apprentice Julie Nyeko told senior manager Brenda Monaghan she was worried she was being unfairly treated due to her race. She insisted colleagues needed training to identify prejudices they might not be aware of.

Ms Monaghan, a managing director at the international finance firm, was monitoring the trainee due to perceived issues with her attendance record and work ethic.

The senior executive dismissed her claim when it was raised at a meeting to discuss the 23-year-old’s work, an employment tribunal heard.

Ms Monaghan ‘shut down’ Miss Nyeko and ‘effectively told her race discrimination doesn’t exist’ on her team, saying it had ‘a number of women’ and ‘one Indian’.

Miss Nyeko was later sacked for gross misconduct over her absences, failing to do work required and claiming for pay on days she had not worked.

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